Chinese Exercise Balls
How to Use Chinese Exercise Balls
Varieties of Exercise Balls
How to Use Chinese Exercise Balls

As a beginner, be sure to have balls that fit easily in your hand.  Chinese exercise balls come in varying sizes from 35mm to 55mm (1.37 in to 2.17 in) in diameter.  For children and people with small hands, use the 35mm balls.   Experience users and people with large hands can use larger balls.  It is also suggested that beginners use metal balls instead of solid stone balls because stone balls will break easier if dropped. 

Both balls are placed in one hand and rotated in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.  Use all your fingers and palm to keep the balls moving.  As a beginner, your motion will most likely be clashy and jerky but with practice, it will become smoother. 

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Once you are comfortable rotating the Chinese exercise balls, try rotating the balls without the balls coming apart and clashing against each other.  Keep the rotation smooth and go faster as you improve.  A well trained hand can make the balls spin effortlessly like magic.

Next, try to spin the balls without the balls touching each other.  This will be harder with larger balls, but will stretch and work your fingers more.  You will have to train yourself as to if you want to push the balls with your fingers or let them roll around your hand and redirect the force with palm and fingers.  One will be more efficient than the other.

One exercise to build strength is to rotate the balls while your palm is facing downwards.  Your fingers will have to constantly hold the balls to keep them from dropping building your strength and dexterity.  Do this for several minutes and you will start to feel the workout up to your shoulders. The animated picture above is actually showing it slower than it really is.

Once you have become proficient in rotating the balls in your hand, the next level is to be able to spin the exercise balls in both directions.  It will take some practice to become natural rotating the balls clockwise and counter-clockwise.
If you mastered the exercises in one hand, the obvious next step is to use both hands.  You can rotate a set of balls in each hand or use both hands to rotate multiple balls together.

Adding more balls is another way to increase the difficulty.  Try 3 balls in one hand.  4 balls, and 5 balls in one hand is even possible.

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